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Mando’s secret sauce is the ability to leverage their expertise in creating and implementing sales promotions, whilst removing the risk of potential exorbitant costs.

What is Fixed Fee Sales Promotion?

The ability to fix all your variable costs in your sales promotion from the very start. Through interpretation of the brand's data and our own extensive database, we estimate how your promotion is likely to perform. We then protect your budget with an agreed cost. Taking all financial risk by paying for each and every redemption.

Through the power of data and the serenity of financial security, it creates assurance and freedom for your brand.

    • Assurance, that whatever happens, Mando will pay the variable costs, allowing you to forecast your budgets and benchmark your promotions with no risk of paying the excess.
    • A freedom to run with headlines of authority and confidence. Mando’s expertise can successfully help you develop headlines with stronger prize funds and greater reach.
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A Value Driven Process

Tell us what you need

Enjoy the fruits of Mando’s free estimation process by sharing the agency/brand brief with our experts, who process all aspects of the sales promotion, to create a complementary product which adds value whilst mitigating all risk.

  • Objectives
  • Communication
  • Budget
  • Universe
  • Product
  • Brand

Examining the Risk

Mando utilise their experience, evaluating each risk factor and potential issue your campaign may encounter.

  • Route of entry
  • Mechanic
  • Position of Communication
  • Media Spend

The Stress Test

A comparison of the promotion against over 40 years of data across virtually any industry and country will help create an estimate of how it will perform.

  • 40 Countries
  • 3000 Promotions
  • Every Sector
  • Every Market

Knowledge is Power

The team analyse the data and discover a way to evolve the promotion whilst protecting your budget. Gifting your brand the license for fearless creativity.

  • Bigger Headlines
  • More Prizes
  • Higher Engagement

A Complete Solution

Our expertise offers a range of other services to provide complete promotional guidance support, still under our all-inclusive Fixed Fee.

  • Promotional Consultancy
  • Promotional Handling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Prizing & Partner Sourcing
  • Security Checks & Validation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • and Much More…

Fixed Fee Sales Promotion

Mando will discuss the findings and educate your team on how to best strengthen the promotion within the budget. You will also discover likelihood of redemption, variable costs, and the ideal promotional mechanic. Mando then provides an estimate which accurately mitigates that risk, meaning, however, it performs, Mando has it covered.

  • Zero Risk
  • Fixed Budget
  • Bespoke Solution

Payment Point

Payment is incurred to the brand once the Fixed Fee is activated. You can either choose to walk away with your new found knowledge or protect all costs via Mando.07

Get Ready to Sell

Unleash your creativity and embrace engagement with a powerful headline, with no added risk or cost. As the promotion develops, our live redemption reports will be with you every step of the way. And, when the promotion is finished, the team will be ready to evaluate with you.

  • Sales Increase
  • Maximised Engagement
  • Objectives achieved
  • Competitive Advantage

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